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ZIP Code Trivia

We have compiled this list of fun ZIP Code facts and trivia for your entertainment. Please send us anything that you think should be included here.

Pop culture and trivia

  • In 1964, at the height of his popularity, Smokey Bear, mascot of the U.S. Forest
    Service, received so much fan mail that he was assigned his own ZIP code, 20252.
  • Black Rock City, NV, a city formed entirely by the presence of the Burning Man Festival
    for about two weeks each summer, has been issued its own ZIP code: 89412
  • ZIP code 12345 belongs to the world headquarters for General Electric in Schenectady,
    New York. Each year, the facility receives many letters from children to Santa Claus,
    addressed to "North Pole 12345".
  • Game-show viewers of the 1960s–1980s became familiar with announcer spots for the
    Spiegel catalog and the company's address, "Chicago 60609."
  • In a popular episode of the 1960s TV series Batman, the villain Chandell mentioned
    being located in ZIP code 9999979. Although the producers knew this could not be
    an actual ZIP code, it is likely that this was used as an attempt to bring more attention
    to ZIP codes as part of mailing addresses.
  • In the movie based on the Green Acres television series, Hooterville's ZIP code was
    given by Mr. Drucker as "40516 and a half". 40516 is in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Public-service announcements for the government's Federal Citizen Information Center's
    Consumer Information Catalog have become famous for its ZIP code in Pueblo, Colorado,
    81009 (which is assigned uniquely to the Center).
  • Newton Falls, Ohio, has the ZIP code 44444. During the 1970s, signs at the municipal
    boundaries proclaimed "Newton Falls has zip!" The slogan is now in use on a Web site,
  • ZIP codes can take on a certain amount of cachet or become bywords: 90210, in Beverly
    Hills, California, probably the most famous example, appears in the titles of two
    Beverly Hills–centered television shows: Beverly Hills 90210 and Dr. 90210.
  • On Seinfeld, Newman, a USPS employee, tells his girlfriend "I'll tell you a little
    secret about ZIP codes. They're meaningless!"
  • The PBS children's series ZOOM made frequent musical use of 02134, the ZIP code of
    WGBH, the show's originating station in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • In the "The Day the Violence Died" episode of The Simpsons, the formerly bankrupt
    Meyers Studios (creators of the Itchy & Scratchy show) are revived after the owner
    of the defunct studio successfully sues the U.S. Postal Service for copyright infringement
    on a character that resembles Mr. ZIP, aptly named Manic Mailman.
  • In another Simpsons episode, "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday," Lisa Simpson asks a postal
    employee, during a class trip to the post office, what the purpose of the ZIP + 4
    code is. Little does she know that she is being monitored by authorities who suspect
    she has discovered that the code has no importance; the tour guide, Postmaster Bill,
    mentions under his breath that they are "citizen-relocation codes" and "hopefully
    we'll never need them".
  • Mugs and T-shirts for sale in Cambridge, Massachusetts, name 02138, the Harvard Square
    (which includes Harvard University) ZIP code.
  • A new magazine featuring Harvard graduates is entitled 02138.
  • In the current television mystery series Veronica Mars, "09ers" is a slang term used
    to describe students whose families live in the fictitious ZIP code 90909, the affluent
    part of Neptune, California.
  • The comic strip "Peanuts" featured a character called 5, whose last name is a ZIP
    code in Sebastopol, California: 95472.
  • The television show Full House makes fun of Wayne, New Jersey's palindromic zip code


  • Until modern switching equipment was introduced in the 1980s, telephone customers
    in Grants Pass, Oregon could dial the last five digits of the assigned seven-digit
    local telephone number. As a result, to reach town's post office, users dialed the
    ZIP code, 97526.
  • ZIP code 10048 was assigned to the World Trade Center complex in New York, New York
    (until its destruction on September 11, 2001).
  • The code 77230 was assigned in 2005 for mail delivery to victims of Hurricane Katrina
    being housed at the Houston Astrodome, and is still in service today as a P.O.-box-only
  • The White House has its own secret ZIP + 4 code, separate from the publicly known
    20500, for the President of the United States and the First Family to receive private
  • A particularly unusual ZIP code is 48222, a marine post office in Detroit, Michigan
    used to route mail to and from passing Great Lakes commercial vessels, the last of
    its kind in the ZIP code system.
  • Barefoot Bay, Brevard County, Florida is a mobile home park large enough to have
    its own ZIP code: 32976.
  • The Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, is a shopping center large enough
    to have its own ZIP code: 91210.
  • ZIP code 17927 of Centralia, Pennsylvania, where an underground mine fire has been
    burning for over 40 years, was revoked by the USPS in 1992.
  • Twelve digit ZIP codes (e.g. the IRS prints these are their correspondence) are ZIP+4
    codes followed by a 2 digit delivery point and then a 1 digit check-number.

A few more interesting ZIP Codes

ZIP Code City
10001 New York, NY (aka Empire State, NY)
90909 Fictional – featured on TV’s Veronica Mars
31415 (Pi) Savannah, GA
01010 Brimfield, MA
10101 New York, NY
55555 Young America, MN
22222 Arlington, VA
01776 Sudbury, MA
01810 Another palindrome (Andover, MA)









Source: Some of the information on this page is derived from Wikipedia [license]